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5 Key Benefits to Ultrasonic Metal Loss Inspectons

Thomas Meinzer, Head of Ultrasonic Metal Loss, Data Analysis, touches on the five key benefits that operators receive from investing in NDT Global's Ultrasonic Metal…

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8 Power Tips for Managing Inline Inspection Projects

Alex Hensley, Senior Project Manager at NDT Global, studied engineering at the U.S Military Academy at West Point and has held several positions in project…

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​ NDT Global Interviews Halfwave’s Technology Expert: Willem Vos

How long have you been in the inline inspection (ILI) industry and what is your current position at Halfwave? I joined the inline inspection industry…

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Inline Inspections for Axial and Circumferential Cracks

Author: Cory Wargacki, Regional Sales Manager In the last five to six years, operators have taken greater steps to preserve the environment and are prioritizing…

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Crack Detection Inspection That is Changing the Game

Author: Rogelio Guajardo, Head of Analysis, Ultrasonic Crack  NDT Global inspects several vintage pipelines that have been in the ground for 40 years or longer.…

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