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Evolving From Leading ILI Company to Preferred Provider of Integrity Management Solutions

Richard Matthews, President and CEO, NDT Global When it comes to inline inspection (ILI), new technologies and methods continue to prove their value in the…

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The 2 Minute Read: Key Benefits to an Ultrasonic Geometry Pipeline Inspection

Author: Roberto Yanez, Global Manager Data Analysis, Ultrasonic Geometry and INS Analysis Whether damaged during construction, by a rock in the trench or possibly facing…

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USA Key Account Manager, Ryan Sikes Discusses Key Benefits to Pipeline Metal Loss Solutions

Having joined NDT Global in 2015, my professional background was predominantly in MFL, so I was initially skeptical to the full benefit of an ultrasonic…

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Inspection Expert Herbert Willems: Resolution to Excellence

“Ultrasonic inspection has had phased array technology for ten years. The next advance will be multiplied electronics, using divided, or multi-element, sensors.” - Herbert Willems,…

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Advancing Pipeline Integrity One Crack at a Time with Eclipse UCx

Author: Thomas Hennig, Technology Advisor, NDT Global As the demand for accurate pipeline inspections increase, so does the need for enhanced technology. With NDT Global's…

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