Integrity Assessment

Verified performance gives you confidence to meet your goals

First Run Success

Pipeline inspections are major undertakings involving significant time and resources. Failure to collect all the information required for analysis in a single run can have a huge impact on operations and, ultimately, on profitability. To achieve these goals, we meticulously plan every project and continuously monitor and evaluate our own performance. NDT Global has had its first run success rates independently verified, achieving a first run success rate of over 90% for 2018. This figure places us firmly among the leaders in our field. In keeping with our philosophy of ongoing improvement, we have set the goal to increase this figure to 100%.

On-Time Reporting

NDT Global is proud of its high-quality products, processes and people. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve them. Drawing on the skill and expertise of our analysts and the efficiency of our new software tools, we have significantly reduced the time it takes to produce a comprehensive inspection report. Our efforts have allowed us to realize the highest on-time reporting success in the industry, over 90% for 2018. This makes us the fastest, most reliable player in the ILI sector.