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The Advantages of High-Accuracy Corrosion Growth Assessment

For pipeline operators to maintain their ongoing pipeline integrity management program, it is vital for them to monitor the corrosion growth rate affecting their pipelines. Accurately measuring and monitoring changes in corrosion anomalies requires leading-edge technology, and the expertise and understanding of how to interpret collected data.

Corrosion growth is a continuous threat to pipeline operators. Lines that operate with the necessary protection or maintenance are susceptible to suffering damage resulting from corrosion. This new White Paper from two of NDT Global's Project Leaders in Integrity Services, Dr. Christoph Jäger and Andreas Pfanger, outlines how integral it is for pipeline operators to stay on top of corrosion growth rates in their pipelines.

As pipelines often operate in environments where corrosive activity can be regular occurrences, managing and mitigating such potential damage plays an integral role in maintaining a pipeline's integrity. These environments traditionally lie in geographical areas whose topographical profile is one that pushes the materials used in pipeline construction to their limits.

The volatile nature that many pipelines find themselves located in underlines the importance of recording highly accurate data with the latest and most innovative tool technology available.

This White Paper discusses the important role monitoring corrosion plays in pipeline integrity management. It also examines cases that outline how regular inline inspections (ILI) assist operators in managing and maintaining the safety of their pipelines. 

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