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Technical Spotlight: NDT Global Customer Test Runs

Pipeline inspections are never standard. Be it diameter changes or multiple bend combinations - there are a huge variety of potential hazards that must be considered.

To ensure that our tools safely transverse your pipeline, we at NDT Global can create a simulated trial run of your pipeline in a controlled environment. Here, we have the facilities, resources and know-how to design, construct and operate project-specific test pipelines, including test samples with artificial flaws to simulate metal loss, cracks and other anomalies. We understand that testing viability in a test yard is preferable to carrying out this critical activity on an active pipeline.

A clear objective of NDT Global is to achieve 100% first run success. Test runs are one of the many tools we use to achieve this objective. Test trials have time and time again proven invaluable to pipeline operators throughout the globe, including offshore pipeline inspections, and are an effective solution for ensuring the first run success of pipeline inspections.