Finding a solution that meets the needs of your challenging pipeline

Multi-Diameter Inspections

All our ILI technologies can be prepared to accommodate dual diameter pipelines (step changes of 2"), and we have an extensive track record in a wide variance of diameters.

ART Scan tools have been adopted successfully for several very large diameter steps (larger than 4") applications; our experience includes 20" x 24", 24" x 28", 24" x 30", and 28" x 42". In most cases this includes diameter changes as well as wye passage in heavy-wall offshore systems. No other ILI technology can combine the flexibility and accuracy of ART Scan's short tool length and low risk of lodging. Diameter step changes of 4", 6", 12" or even 14" can be accommodated, making previously unpiggable pipelines relatively easy to inspect in a single pass.

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