Inspection for Gas Pipelines

Direct wall-thickness measurement with ART Scan

The Problem

Traditionally, inline inspection solutions that provide direct wall thickness measurement in high-pressure pipelines have only been feasible using ultrasonic technology (UT). Ultrasonic technology is an accurate inspection method for pipelines with liquid mediums, however operators with gas pipelines are often in need of a solution that doesn't require them to run a batch. Inferred measurement by Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) is recognized as the only practical method of assessing the integrity of gas lines.

However, with MFL tools there are limitations with sizing tolerances which can result in conservatism when accurately assessing features; this may result in a larger number of excavations. 

The Solution

The ART Scan ™ internal pipeline inspection solution performs direct wall-thickness measurements in high-pressure gas pipelines, giving the operator a more accurate depth measurement and providing them with the information required to carry out their integrity assessments with greater levels of confidence. ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology) sensors are fitted to the tool body and are not in contact with the pipeline wall.

This allows for ART Scan ILI tools to be used in both bi-directional and multi-diameter pipelines without any significant modifications. The tools perform high precision, internal geometry measurement as standard and can also be used for checking for external coating disbondment. 

Metal loss, geometry, and IMU in a single run

Receive direct wall-thickness measurement in your gas pipeline


Beyond wall thickness, the non-contact sensors also provide a full geometry survey of dents, buckles, out-of-straightness and ovality.

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